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Giving small businesses the HR competitive advantage

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Small businesses create two-thirds of US jobs and account for 44% of the economy. Despite their impact, small businesses struggle to get the financing, talent, and ongoing support that is needed to sustain operations. Regarding human resources, small businesses have a reputation for having an ad hoc – build as you go – HR department and may not know where to begin implementing HR-related strategies.

Based on the founder’s 20 years experience designing and developing the HR department for a family-owned business, the HR Small Business Alliance (HRSBA) was conceptualized in 2019. The goal of the HRSBA is to connect small businesses to service providers, training, jobseekers, and other like-minded small businesses. We believe by strengthening HR support, small businesses can forge a path to improved performance.

The HRSBA is a subscription-based membership, making it affordable for all small businesses to have an opportunity to build a comprehensive HR department.

*The HRSBA represents a portion of an HR Small business model highlighted in a book written by the founder and is coming soon.



For Businesses

The Community

As a small business, you may only have an HR department of one or none! It can become challenging to navigate HR issues without the proper support.The HRSBA creates a community for small businesses to connect, learn and share ideas. It’s absolutely free to join. By becoming a member, you will get access to service providers and discounts. There are additional levels of membership which allows access to post jobs, training and virtual consultations.

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For Service Providers

The Advisors

As an HR-related service provider, it can be difficult to find and market services to small businesses. By joining the HRSBA, you will be immediately visible to our small business community. There is no fee to join, but we ask that you extend our members a 10% discount should they need to utilize your services. With small businesses trying to navigate and out-source certain areas of HR, your inclusion in our directory moves you that much closer to becoming a trusted advisor.

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For Recruiting

The Talent

As a small business, it can be difficult to attract and retain top talent. As a member of the HRSBA, business members will have access to a job portal where they can post jobs for free. Once posted, jobseekers can access the job board on the HRSBA homepage.

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For Training

Virtual Learning Partners

To keep up with the latest HR trends and innovations, HRSBA members will have opportunities for continuous learning. The HRSBA offers blogs, webinars, podcasts and courses presented by various virtual learning partners.

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